Historical figures

  • Vikramaditya A legendry and wise king of Ujjain of Tomer dynasty in 102 BCE to 15 CE

  • Bhoja A King and philosopher of Central India in Medieval times.

  • Harsha or Harshvardhan A Rajput King of Vardhan dynasty who ruled Northern India for fifty seven years between 590 CE-657 CE ,he was kshatriya rajput but converted to buddhism.

  • Raja Pajawan or Pajjun (King of Amber. Brother in law and general of Prithviraj Chauhan)

  • Raja Bhagwant Das (King of Amber Rajasthan. Won Kashmir and western parts for Moughals)

  • Raja Man Singh I of Amber (King of Amber, Rajasthan. General of Akbar extended boundaries of India from Afghanistan to Assam and far south)

  • Mirza Raja Jai Singh I (King of Amber. Great warrior and statesman. He was responsible for Shivaji's surrender)

  • Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (Founder and Maharaja(King) of Jaipur)

  • Jayapala, the Hindushahi ruler of Northwest India, Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan.

  • Bappa Rawal, First Gehlot king at Chitrakut(Chittor), Defeated Muslim Invaders from Iran. Followed his Parmar Uncle to throne of Chittor.

  • Prithviraj Chauhan(King of Ajmer at the age of 13 and last Hindu king of Delhi)

  • Rana Kumbha, Glorious ruler at Chittor in 15th century, built many palaces, never lost a battle.

  • Rana Udai Singh II (Founder of Udaipur)

  • Maharana Pratap,one of the great warriors of Rajputana, Last and only Hindu Ruler to defy mughals. Titled - Chattis Rajkul Shringar, Hinduva Suraj Hindupati for his bravery and for being the last torch bearer of Hinduism.

  • Rao Shekha, King of Amarsar, The Shekhawat sub-clan of Kachwaha Clan of Jaipur is named after him. one of the great warriors of Rajputana.

  • Rawal Jaisal Singh - founder of the city of Jaisalmer.

  • Dulla Bhatti - Rai Abdullah Khan Bhatti a.k.a Dulla Bhatti was a famous legendary Rajput hero of Punjab

  • Rana Hamir-Ruler of Mewar, Saviour of Gehlot Sisodia clan.

  • Banda Bahadur - A Sikh Minhas Rajput warrior against the Mughal Empire and Guru Gobind Singh gave him the new name of Banda Singh Bahadur

  • Bhai Bachittar Singh - Bhai Bachittar Singh Minhas was a Sikh Rajput hero, a warrior under Guru Gobind Singh.

  • Sangat Singh Minhas - was the first Doaba Sikh Rajput to join the army of Guru Gobind Singh

  • Ram Singh- In army of Banda Bahadur

  • Mira Bai(Famous devotee and poet)

  • Rana Sanga-Ruler of mewar and regarded as greatest warrior of India.

  • Rawal Ratan Singh-Husband of Rani Padimini, Sisodiya ruler of Chittor (13 a.d.)

  • Rao Jodha (founded city of Jodhpur)

  • Raja Amar Singh Rathore - is a historical legendary character whose saga of bravery is sung around Agra region of India

  • Veer Durga Das Rathore - famous personality in the annals of Marwar

  • Maharaja Jaswant Singh (King of Jodhpur)

  • Rao Maldeo Rathore-Ruler of marwar 15 A.D

  • Rao Bika (Founded Bikaner city)

  • Maharaja Ganga Singh (First to bring canals in the desert)

  • Baba Ramdevji a Tanwar Rajput and local deity of Rajasthan.

  • Gogaji a Chauhan Rajput and Local deity of Rajasthan.

  • Pabuji Rathore (Local deity of Rajasthan)

  • Guru Jambhoji Panwar (Founder of Bishnoi Sect. Main temple at Mukam Rajasthan.)

  • Veer Kunwar Singh - Hero of 1857 revolts against British imperialists.

  • Raja Badan Singh Bhadauria- Valiant Ruler From Bhadawar.

  • Raja Gopal Singh Bhadauria- King From Bhadawar During Mughal Era.

  • Ram Prasad Bismil-Hero of Kakori Rail kand and Freedom Fighter, was a Tawar rajput.

  • Ram Singh Pathania- Hero of Revolts against British, Tomar Rajput.

  • Nawab Qaim Khan - Nawab Qaim Khan was an Ameer of the Delhi Sultanate and The Chief of famous Muslim Rajput Qaimkhani clan.

  • Chaudhry Aurangzeb Khan of Chakwal was a famous Minhas Rajput during the British era. in 1892 C.E

  • Rai Bhoe Bhatti - Founder of Nankana Sahib).

  • Rai Bular Bhatti - Son of Rai Bhoe Bhatti and heir to his estate of over 100,000 acres (400 km2) of land in modern day Nankana Sahib District.

  • Chaudhry Chaku Khan - chief of the Muslim Mair Minhas Rajput tribe and the founder of Chakwal in 1525 C.E.

  • Shah Nawaz Bhutto- The Dewan, or Prime minister, of Junagadh and the Father of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

  • Wahid Baksh Bhutto - (born 1898, died 25 December 1931) was a landowner of Sindh, an elected representative to the Central Legislative Assembly and an educational philanthropist.

  • Rai Hussain Khan Bhatti - (1859–1951), one of the largest landholders in the Punjab and direct descendant of Rai Bular Bhatti.

  • Malik Umar Hayat Khan- (1875–1944), was a soldier of the Indian Empire, one of the largest landholders in the Punjab, and an elected member of the Council of State of India.

  • Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana- Prime Minister of the Punjab province, 1942–47.

  • Sardar Fateh Muhammad Khan Karelvi - During the agitation of Jammu & Kashmir, he played very active role and fought against Dogra army

  • General Raja Sakhi Daler Khan - Raja Sakhi Daler Khan Mangral led many battles against the Dogra forces, particularly in Kotli and Rajouri Mangral

  • Shah Nawaz Khan- Freedom fighter in India of the Janjua Rajput clan/Lt.Col in the Indian Army and maternal grandfather of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan

  • General Fateh Naseeb Khan - Chief General of Alwar Army Rajasthan


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Rai rehamat khan Bhatti, the 17th generation of Rai bular Bhatti was one of the largest landlords of Punjab, his name may kindly be added in the list.

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king vikramaditya of ujjain was of 'parmara'dynsty not from tomar,see bhivshya puran prisurg-4'the great king of kaliyug'

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