Vansh of Rajputs

The Agni-kunda Legend

The Agni-kunda legend is the best-known traditional account that deals with the origin of the rajputs. This account begins with the puranic legend wherein the traditional kshatriyas of the land were exterminated by Parashurama, an avatara of Vishnu. Later, sage Vasishta performed a great Yagya or fire-sacrifice, to seek from the gods a provision for the defense of righteousness on earth. In answer to his prayer, one or more youths arose from the very flames of the sacrificial fire, according to different versions of the legend.

Sometime during 16-17th century, the legend came to be applied to the Parihars (Pratihaar), Chauhans (Chahamanas), Solankis (Chalukyas), and Paramaras (Parmars) clans. The Parihar at Kannauj, Chauhans at Ajmer in central Rajasthan, the Solankis in Gujarat, and the Paramaras at Mount Abu.

Evolution of the legend

A large number of inscriptions and texts have come to light since the mid-19th century that allow us to trace the evolution of this legend in detail.

The Agnikunda story is first found in the Nava-sahasanka-charita by Padmagupta, a fictional romance where the hero is identifiable as Sindhuraja, the patron of the author Padmagupta. This work mentions that the progenitor of the Paramaras was created from fire by sage Vashishtha. During the period of decline of the Paramaras of Dhar, the story finds mention in several royal inscriptions. Later, the story is expanded to include two or three other Rajput clans. Eventually, some scholars proposed that all of the Rajputs were created from the Agnikunda.


Suryavanshi rajputs trace their lineage to the Vedic Sun - Surya. Lord Rama was also born in this lineage. Suryavanshi rajputs ruled over Mewar, Marwar, Amber, etc.


Somvanshi/Chandravanshi rajputs descended from Som (the vedic deity Soma or Moon). Chandravanshi and Yaduvanshi are from the same line which bifurcated at King Yadu when his father banished him from becoming the king. Gujarat, Jaisalmer was ruled by Chandravanshi rajputs. The Yaduvanshi trace there lineage to Lord Krishn.


Agnivanshi rajputs have a mythological belief that they originated from fire. Bundi, Kotah, Jalore, Sirohi, Delhi were ruled by Agnivanshi rajputs. In reality Agnivanshi rajputs are also a sub-division of Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi rajputs.

Each vansha is divided into many cula and each cula is further divided into many shakha.

Rajput Shakha(Clan Tree)

Suryavanshi Rajput kula, Rathore, is divided into these shakha: Dhandhul, Bhadail, Khokra, Jodha etc; Similarly Guhilote cula is subdivided into these shakha: Aharya (at Doongarpur), Sisodiya (at Mewar), Peeparra (at Marwar), etc.

Each shakha has its Gotra Acharya, a genealogical creed, describing the essential peculiarities, religious tenets and pristine locale of the clan. It is a touchstone of affinities and guardian of the laws of intermarriage.

Rathore Gotra Acharya -- Gautam gotra, Mardwunduni Shakha, Shukra-Acharya Guru, Garroopata Agni, Pankhini Devi.

These twelve of 36 clans of rajputs further subdivide:

Gehlote, Parmara, Chauhan, Solanki, Rathore, Tanwar/ Tomar/ Tuar, BirGoojur, Parihaar,chib Jhala, Yadu, Katchwaha, Gor.

Rest of the 24 clans are 'Eka' and do not divide further:

Sengar, Balla, Khurwur, Chawura, Dahima, Dahiya, Byce, Gherwal, Nikumpa, Dewut, Johya, Sikerwal, Dabia, Doda, Mori, Mokarra, Abhirra, Kalchoruk, Agnipala, Aswariya, Hool, Manutwal, Mallia and Chhahil, .


Jaideep said...

I am yaduvanshi rajput my gotra is duksela,can u told me my kuldevi name and other details of our origin?

sonia said...

iam a parihar and would like to know what is the gotra for parihar's and more detials about parihar's and if possible where can i find it.................

dalpat singh said...

i m form rajasthan
dist jalore my ansister are from village near sundha mata ji my kul devi is sundha mata i m dewal rajput wat is my gotra please reply soon

dalpat singh dewal said...

Loyana garh Rana Salam Singh Ji was the rana that time but he ran way. Kuwar Joravar Singh Deval( son of Rana Salam Singh)was taken to Jodhpur and given education in Jodhpur by Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Then Maharaja given a village in pali district name Sinla with three villages zagir name Sinla,Akhawas,Neembali.Kuwar Joravar Singh have four sons.First was Rana Chattar Singh Deval,second was Thakur Ranjeet Singh Deval,third was Thakur Rewat Singh Ji Deval,fourth is Thakur Bhoor Singh Deval.Rana Chattar Singh have one son name Rana Umaid Singh.Thakur Ranjeet Singh Havethree sons and two daughters.Thakur Rewat singh Jihave two sons name Thakur Tej Singh Ji Deval and Thakur Laxman Singh Ji Deval and have four daughters.Thakur Tej Singh Ji Deval have one daughter.Thakur Laxman Singh JiDeval have two sons.First is Kunwar Brijpal Singh Deval and Second is Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Deval.Thakur Laxman Singh Ji married at Thikana Malgaon in Sirohi District.Daughter of Thakur Tej Singh Ji married at State Tharad with H.H.Bharat Singh ji Vaghela and have one son name Rajkumar Mahaveer Singh Vaghela.Thakur Bhoor Singh have one son and four daughter.There are three Thakurs of Thikana Akhawas in present ,namely as:Thakur BhoorSingh Ji Deval, Thakur Tej Singh JiDeval,Thakur Raj Singh ji Deval.Third village Neembali was not used for residence, only used for farming.
Please see below the Loyanagarhfamily :- Rana Pana Ji his son named Rana Bhuta Ji.Rana BhutaJi have four sons. First was RanaSalam Singh Ji, who stayed in loyanagarh. Second was Thakur Veer Singh Ji, who went to thikana - Gajapura. Third & Fourth was Thakur Bhavani Singh Ji & Thakur Sumer Singh Ji, they both went to a Thikana called Vada.
The complete History of Loyana Garh is with the Thakur of Gajapura and Thakur of Akhawas

Ali Gohar said...

i am agnivanshi rajput and my sub-caste is chuahan...i want to know when did some families of rajputs embraced islam and became muslim??
after embracing islam how they have been treated???

Dalip Bhati said...

@Ali Gohar, I cannot say what were the compulsions for conversion but one thing is for sure areas west of Indus was Buddhist predominant who due to their non violent beliefs (one of the reason why their is predominance of Muslims in Bihar and Bangladesh,Afghanistan) could not resist the invaders and were first to convert under duress or coercion or intent. Second reason is when majority supports one party or religion what can the minority do only way out is accept the fate.

it is very encouraging to note despite the Islamic edict of "Jahilya" Bhati blood is still flowing in you

lastly this for your information that Mohamed Gohri was a Chekata Musalman a relative of Raja Bhati

this is just a comments page hence cannot write at a length please visit and comment what you think

Jyotsingh Bhayal said...

I m bhayal , parmar vansh , pl kindly inform kuldevi of bhayal s , sundha mata ji n sachiyyaah mata ji , but I m not sure about , any inputs , please share if u r very sure n basics confirmed u know , glad n eager to know .

Jyotsingh Bhayal said...

I m bhayal , parmar vansh , pl kindly inform kuldevi of bhayal s , sundha mata ji n sachiyyaah mata ji , but I m not sure about , any inputs , please share if u r very sure n basics confirmed u know , glad n eager to know .

Unknown said...

Dewal are also parihar rajvansh they are first rajput who fight with Muslim and there kuldevi is chamunda mata Like einda parihar

laxman singh said...

Mr dalpat Singh ji sundha mata is also a roop of chamunda mata

laxman singh said...

Mr dalpat Singh ji sundha mata is also a roop of chamunda mata


I have question- why the socially down trodden communities also have similar surnames to Rajputs? Especially in Gujarat i.e. Parmar, Rathod, Chauhan, Chavda, Padhiyar, Solanki, Zala, Rana, Vaghela etc. etc.